Listed below are those key things that we are striving to live out as a spiritual community.










We value . . .


OUR CITY: We love K-W and strive to be a healthy contributing part of the fabric of the community, helping make our city a generous, grace-filled place for all who live here.

INTERCULTURAL DIVERSITY:  We want to reflect the beautiful diversity of our city and are seeking to embrace and honour each other's race and cultures, joining Jesus in fighting  prejudice, racism and separation.

PEOPLE'S JOURNEY: We are a church filled with people at various places on the spiritual journey, feeling free to bring our questions, brokenness and doubts trusting that God will meet us together there.


PASSIONATE PRAYER: We are an intentionally praying spiritual community looking for God's help in making daily decisions and asking him to give us a servant attitude more interested in doing what he wants than in getting our own way.


TRANSPARENT AUTHENTICITY: We are willing to be real and transparent about ourselves and about our faith or at times lack of it, because we trust that God gives grace to those who are humble. We are a spiritual community where exploring mystery and wonder are more important than having all the answers nailed down.


ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT: We encourage and assist each person in finding a fulfilling place to get involved and to use their talents to help us together make a lasting impact for God in our city.


CULTURAL RELEVANCE: We strive to utilize language, music and other creative media in ways that connect with 21st century people, willingly drawing on what God is doing in and through our culture today to help us connect timeless truths with the reality of everyday life.


HUMBLE SERVANTHOOD: We want to help people willingly become servants and learn what it means to put the needs of others before those of our own. We strive to serve people in our city with the love of Jesus. We know that true Christianity cares about the poor, about the newcomer, and about those who fall between the cracks. We want everyone we meet to know they matter to God.


COMMUNITY OF FRIENDS: We deliberately organize our community life around community 'groups' and serving 'teams' because we want each person connected to The Journey to be able to walk this journey of life with friends whom you can count on, and who will help you experience that you are understood, loved, and valued.

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